Lilies, Gulf Coast. a query

Joe Shaw
Tue, 29 May 2007 19:59:54 PDT
Hi Gang,

I've tried this on local forums but got mixed information and just a few 
strong leads.  I'd like to grow a few lilies with "color."  I've tried some 
over the past few years and they just go away.  Only one has done well; it 
is has terra cotta-colored flowers.  Of course I grow L. longiflorum, and L 
formosum, and some sort of pass-along tiger lily (with bulbils).

Are there other lilies that might make it here (genus Lilium)?

Brent and Becky's lists a variety of Lilium that are recommended for zone 9 
and 10; to be safe I think I'd better limit my choices to zone 10 types. 
However Brent and Becky's are not selling lilies at the moment, perhaps its 
the wrong time of year.

If I want to find/trade/buy lililies for a mild-winter climate, where are 
good sources.  If I want to order now, as opposed to fall, are there any 

LINK:  Information, Landini, dark purple, zone 10…

LINK:  Informatin, Lolipop, wihte and pink, zone 10…



Conroe TX

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