Albuca shawii

Joe Shaw
Tue, 29 May 2007 20:14:41 PDT
Hi Gang,

Two or three years ago I wrote about this bulb.  It seems so easy and 
reliable.  Then, as things always happen, I lost track of the pot and put my 
attention to other matters.  I found the pot this week when the plant put up 
amazingly pretty flowers.  It seems I had shuffled it off to the no-water 
section with the cacti in containers.  A. shawii has not increased, and I 
wonder if this is due to neglect or just the way it is.

I surmize it has been in a gallon container, in full hot sun, and full rain 
and drought, with limited fertilzer.  Additionally, the gallon container is 
only half full of soil (where does potting mix go when it runs off).

I tried growing some Albuca species from seed and killed them all when I 
tried to make them into outdoor plants.  Probably it was just putting them 
out too early for their first summer.  Even many cacti and agave seedlings 
will shrivel and die if I don't give them shade and some water during their 
first summer outdoors.

Back to A. shawii; it is a survivor and this year it has wonderful scapes 
with lots of flowers.  How should I repot it for another 2 or 3 years of 
neglect?  Does it like humus, or sand, or deep soils, etc?


Conroe TX

Crinum scabrum is blooming again, and C. x herbertii, and Claude Davis.
Rain lilies are doing their thing; something that might be Z. flavissima is 
blooming for the first time this year--wonderful egg yolk-yellow flowers. 

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