Lilies, Gulf Coast. a query

Agoston Janos
Wed, 30 May 2007 01:30:01 PDT
Dear Joe,

I did not herared good news from them. So please be ware!
The easyest and safest way to get color in your garden with lilies is to buy seeds from Jelitto. they have a nice turban/turk's cap lily mixture. Well it may take 4-6 years to bloom, but this time you will not introduce any virus to your garden!

I have bought lily bulbs from many sources. L. lancifolium var. splendens has got "lily symptomless virus". Most of them will bot produce big bulbs just a lots of small offsets and bulbils. Even the big bulbs will produce only 1-4 flowers per stem.

This is not a joke. I have to kill all my lilies here (around 30 varieties) becouse various virus infection. So please think at least twice when you order!

(Some of my friends live in the US and I ask them about their findings)


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