Lilies, Gulf Coast. a query

Kenneth Hixson
Tue, 29 May 2007 22:23:39 PDT
Joe Shaw wrote:
> Brent and Becky's lists a variety of Lilium that are recommended for zone 9 
> and 10; to be safe I think I'd better limit my choices to zone 10 types. 
> However Brent and Becky's are not selling lilies at the moment, perhaps its 
> the wrong time of year.
    Joe, Brent and Becky's are probably a good source for narcissus.  
They are less familiar with the
special needs of true lilies.  You might be well advised to see one or 
more of the following URLs
for sources/nurseries featuring lilies.

    The North American Lily Society:


    Another good starting point for lilies:
       The catalog list is similiar to the NALS list, but might have 
some differences.

    The place I order from most frequently for lilies adapted to my 
Pacific Northwest area:

If I want to find/trade/buy lililies for a mild-winter climate, where are 
good sources.  If I want to order now, as opposed to fall, are there any 

	For mild winter climates, I strongly suggest hybrids involving the
LA (longiflorum-asiatic) hybrids, or other similiar hybrids.  Colors 
range from greenish white to white, yellow, red, near purple, mostly
upfacing, flowering here in late June.
	Lollipot is a vigorous asiatic hybrid, Landini is also an asiatic hybrid
that I know less about.  I'd start with LA hybrids.
	If you must have lilies instantly, you might be well advised 
to buy whatever potted plants are available.  Lilies will force and 
flower without a well established root system, using reserves in the bulb,
but will probably not be any more successful than other perennials if 
not given a chance to establish a root system to feed the bulb.


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