snails and dead snails

Joe Shaw
Tue, 29 May 2007 20:29:12 PDT
Hi Gang,

I tolerated snails for a long time; they were a minor nuisance and I think 
they attract other wildlife.  But they've been building up their numbers and 
causing some damage here and here.  The thing that really got me into action 
was the new growth on beaver tail-type cacti; the snails hit the new pads 
when they are small and tender and really caused deformities.  The cacti 
looked like crumpled paper instead of beaver tails.  I didn't even mind 
losing a few Crinum buds to snails, I figure the snails attract garter 
snakes, possums, and raccons, and I'm happy to have the wildlife.

But, the cactus damage was the last insult.  I got the snail bait and put it 
around the garden (after the beer in the dish method failed to help reduce 
numbers much).  Then I decided to put snail bait in a weedy semi-wild patch 
that I keep hoping to weed someday.  I think I have small succulents growing 
in that weed patch but I'll never see them again if I don't pull out the 

Sadly for the snails, it seems that they were everywhere, thousands of them. 
The weed patch by the driveway provided a macabre result as several hundred 
snails crawled out of the weeds to die on the driveway.  I've been busy 
sweeping up shells and raking becasue I don't want birds to eat the poisoned 
snails.  I must have a gallon can full of shells; I'll bury them at the 
bottom of some lawn clippings.  I like snails in a general "liking Nature" 
way, but I can see that I'll need to follow up this treatment with a second 
round as eggs hatch in the coming weeks.  Then, perhaps I can go back to 
ignoring snails for another few years.


Conroe TX 

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