Stenomesson sp.

Diana Chapman
Tue, 22 May 2007 09:56:46 PDT
You can see more pictures of Stenomesson on my web site:, click on Stenomesson on the left hand side of the 
home page.

I am still calling them all Stenomesson, partly because it gets really 
confusing with the name changes, and people often think they are something 
entirely different from those species previously called Stenomesson.  The 
differences in my plants between S. variegatum and S. incarnatum, is that S. 
variegatum tend to be narrower in the tube, with tips that turn outward at a 
fairly sharp angle.  The leaves are strap shaped and greyish.  S. incarnatum 
has flowers that flare into a more bell-shaped form with leaves that are 
wider and bright green.  The one clone of S. incarnatum I have is also 
easier to get to bloom, often blooming more than once in the season.  I have 
tried drying them off to induce blooming, but it doesn't seem to make much 
difference.  They bloom better if undisturbed.  The pictues on the wiki all 
look like S. variegatum.

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> I've posted a picture of a striking plant at the UC Botanical Garden
> labeled Stenomesson variegatum:
> I have no idea whether Stenomesson is "really" Clinanthus  -- or indeed
> whether this plant really corresponds to the taxon formerly named S.
> variegatum -- but it is worth a (covetous) look.
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> Max
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