New Wiki Pages, and Virtual Garden

Sun, 11 Nov 2007 09:33:05 PST
Hi Gang,

I am always astonished at the PBS Wiki.  It is always fun to visit, and 
informative.  But, it keeps getting better with new information and new 
entries.  The PBS Wiki is not a place to visit once because every time I 
return I find new information about familiar subjects, and exotic matters 

I checked out "My Virtual Maryland Garden," 
I've been to that garden and wanted to shout "I know that guy."  The Web 
site is well constructed and has good images.  Perhaps the one thing that 
really impressed me was the page of tree peony flowers.  I remember now why 
northern gardens can be so spectacular:  it is not just the seasons and the 
wonderful winter forests.  Northern gardens can be spectacular because they 
can grow some astonishingly beautiful plants, and Jim M. is one of the best.


Conroe TX
It's been dry for a while, a nice break after a summer of too much rain. 

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