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A good way to tell if a plant is sensitive to cold is to feel the leaf at 
night.  If it cold sensitive it will feel clammy cold.  I guess that is 
because cold sensitive plants don't have the ability to draw their moisture 
into the stems and roots when they get cold.
Frank Cooper
central Illinois
zone 5b
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> Cold damage occurs at various temperatures.
> For sensitive plants such as tropicals, chilling damage occurs below 55
> degrees F. This is true for the previously mentioned basil and coleus.
> For hardy plants, the damage occurs at 32F or below. And as has been
> noted in earlier posts, it often occurs somewhat below 32. The reason:
> plant cells contain various components which act as a sort of
> anti-freeze.
> When plants are unexpectedly freeze-damaged, the gardener can often
> prevent permanent damage ( at least in part) by hosing off the the
> affected plants before sunlight suddenly thaws the tissues.
> Jean, in Portland, OR
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