Lilies and their allies
Wed, 03 Oct 2007 11:11:46 PDT
As a simple Scot I am not too familiar with the system used here so please be gentle with any comments, I have led a sheltered life! My wife might not agree but she is English and what do they know about us crazy Celts.

Here goes, my name is Iain Brodie of Falsyde, known to everyone as just plain Iain. I run Auchgourish Botanic Gardens & Arboretum in the central Scottish Highlands where we are glad not to have to deal with Lily beetle and other pests.  I am in the process of writing a Monograph "The Lilies and their allies, Cardiocrinum, Lloydia, Nomocharis and Notholirion" This book is intended to deal with all the botanical species and their hybrids within the above Generas and covers botanical descriptions, colour illustrations, cultivation techniques, pests and diseases, commerical lily production for cut flower trade, potted lily trade and so forth. 

With the qualification that as an English langauge speaker I have VERY limited knowledge of other spoken languages, although comfortable with Latin names and scientific terms,  I would to interested to hear from anyone, anywhere in the world, whether dedicated amateurs, crazy gardeners, professional growers and also commerical companies. Essentially I would be very grateful to learn of your experiences and problems with climate, soils, pests and diseases, availability of access to plants whether as species or whatever, by way of seed, bulbs and lack of information on various topics.

I will endeavour to answer any questions although a little worried about being swamped, but I am trying to learn, amongst other things, what are the concerns and issues in various Regions of the world where we Lily lovers now reside. By knowing more about the things which interest I would hope to fine tune the text of the book to meet these aspects. If anyone thinks of some thing which should be incorporated in the text under various chapters now would be a good time to flag them up as needing addressed, thanks to the power of the internet.

At my gardens there are now some 80+ botanical species as well as additional material being sent either as seed or bulbs by folk who have so far proved very supportive. There is one new 'species nova' from Tibet here and I have just learned last week of another 'species nova' currently being described which originates from Vietnam. No doubt there are other Lilies to be discovered as too species in the other Generas. If you know of any such and can spare the time to let me know about any such that would be hugely appreciated. The Lily from Tibet is utterly beautiful and the lily hybridisers will probably kill me to get at it if for no other reason than for it's scent which is truly amazing.

Many thanks for taking the time to read the above and I do apologise for its length.   


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