Cardwell Lily

Wed, 03 Oct 2007 07:37:56 PDT
I have been growing the Cardwell lily here in central Florida for 
several years.  I think Dylan is right with the cultural requirements.  
My bulb did not bloom until the second season and it did so after I 
plunged its smaller pot into a larger planter.  Bulbs that were planted 
directly into the larger planter rotted.  The only watering was in the 
planter so the bulb itself stayed dry.  It went dormant in the fall, but 
the roots stayed somewhat moist because they were in the planter.  This 
year I replanted it into another pot and moved it outside to sit under a 
tree.  It did not bloom.  Maybe it is resting or maybe the roots miss 
their roaming ways.  I guess the moral is - leave 'well-enough' alone.

Lynn Makela
Zone 9b

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