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Brian Whyer
Thu, 11 Oct 2007 02:00:22 PDT

Short notice to book a flight, and maybe too far away for you to attend, but
you might like to contact some of the names on the RHS Seminar notice copied
below. I will be attending the afternoon session. It will be interesting to
see how "hardy" is interpreted, here in the UK.

Brian Whyer, Buckinghamshire, England

Seminar on Hardy Nerines
organised by the 
RHS Herbaceous Plant Committee & the Nerine and Amaryllid Society
Friday 26 October 2007

RHS Hillside Events Centre, Wisley

Aim of the day: 
To check consistency of naming
To gain a better idea of the range of hardy nerines in cultivation
To look at new developments in N. bowdenii hybrids

Morning :  Study session with participants

1.30 pm	Talks open to visitors to the garden (seat reservation required)

Graham Duncan from Kirstenbosch on the species in South Africa, 
Marion Wood on breeding N. bowdenii and N. sarniensis crosses, 
Andrew Tompsett on cultivation of Nerine and 
John David on the introduction of Nerine species into the UK.  

All Day : 

Selling tables : 
Cotswold Garden Flowers; Avon Bulbs, Springbank Nurseries


For more information:
Linda Jones, Secretary of the Herbaceous Plant Committee, RHS Garden Wisley,
Woking, GU23 6QB
Tel: 01483 212450

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> Would anyone on the list know of where I might be able to obtain a list of
> registered Nerines
> We have recently acquired a rather extensive collection of Nerines (mostly
> sarniensis hybrids)  and species here in Central California of an
> 3000-4000 cultivars/named seedlings/hybrid crosses.  It is currently at
> start of the blooming season and as we would like to be able to start
> finding out if the names and id numbers on many of the plants are
> The plants were originally obtained from multiple sources world wide so we
> would really like to know the history if possible of these plants.  The
> sources were Sir Peter Smithers, Exbury, Green-Oaks, Emma Menninger,
> Grant, etc., plus many named with parentages under the name on the label.
> These last named varieties we would like to find out if they have been
> registered or ,if we propagated on, would have to be registered.
> We are trying desperately to find out register information on named
> so I can sort out the true named cultivars from mislabeled, or dually used
> names.
> All the best,  Michael & Paul
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