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Jacob Knecht
Thu, 11 Oct 2007 00:44:41 PDT
Dear Michael and Paul,

It sounds fabulous that you've amassed such a
collection.  I am normally a species purist but adore
Nerine sarniensis hybrids.  I hope you'll be inclined
to grace the wiki with pictures of this season's

I wish you the best of luck in your noble quest to get
proper names for the hybrids, which I imagine may be


Jacob Knecht
Honolulu Hawai`i

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--- Michael Homick <> wrote:

> Would anyone on the list know of where I might be
> able to obtain a list of 
> registered Nerines
> We have recently acquired a rather extensive
> collection of Nerines (mostly 
> sarniensis hybrids)  and species here in Central
> California of an estimated 
> 3000-4000 cultivars/named seedlings/hybrid crosses. 
> It is currently at the 
> start of the blooming season and as we would like to
> be able to start 
> finding out if the names and id numbers on many of
> the plants are relevant. 
> The plants were originally obtained from multiple
> sources world wide so we 
> would really like to know the history if possible of
> these plants.  The 
> sources were Sir Peter Smithers, Exbury, Green-Oaks,
> Emma Menninger, Russell 
> Grant, etc., plus many named with parentages under
> the name on the label. 
> These last named varieties we would like to find out
> if they have been 
> registered or ,if we propagated on, would have to be
> registered.
> We are trying desperately to find out register
> information on named Nerines 
> so I can sort out the true named cultivars from
> mislabeled, or dually used 
> names.
> All the best,  Michael & Paul 
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