What promotes blooming?

Arnold Trachtenberg arnold@nj.rr.com
Thu, 11 Oct 2007 09:35:22 PDT
Thanks for stepping forward and I appreciate your insight and experience.

I work with orthopaedic injuries and we often find that are days where 
the barometric pressure is dropping people complain more about aches and 
pains then on clear days.   So, we now know that   in different parts of 
the body of most mammals there are many different receptors that respond 
to temperature, pressure, hot and  cold.  The receptors located in the 
joints are known as 'baroreceptors' and respond to changes in ambient 
pressure.  One could infer that it was very important in another time to 
know when the weather was going to change to either get to cover or move 
to high ground.

I often wonder if these receptors would allow birds and other animals to 
predict weather and seismic events.


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