Amaryllis Trouble

J.E. Shields
Sat, 27 Oct 2007 06:54:13 PDT
Hi C.J. and all,

First and very important, where in the wide world are you and your friend 
growing your Hippeastrum?  North America, Europe, South Africa?  If in 
North America, in Florida or in Ontario?

There is nothing obviously wrong with your friend's approach, but all the 
important details are missing.  Your friend unpots and plants the bulbs in 
the ground when they go outdoors, right?   How much sun do they get in 
spring?  In summer?  Do they get watered regularly while growing (spring 
and summer)?  Do they get fertilizer at any point?   Then digs them just 
before frost and brings them indoors, right?

At what point does he repot them?  How are they stored from bringing 
indoors until first watered?

Commercial hybrid Hippeastrum (Dutch "amaryllis") should be well fed and 
watered.  They do not have to go totally dormant and don't have to be kept 
dry for very long -- some say as little as a month.  I give mine light 
shade outdoors in summer, after full south sun in late winter and spring 
while they are indoors.  They stay in their pots, but I used to unpot  them 
and line out in full sun in the garden from sometime in May until first 
frost.  They often bloomed outdoors in about August, after having bloomed 
in their pots indoors in January or February.  Rebloom the following 
February was, however, spotty.

The ripe bulbs should already have their buds formed when he digs them in 
fall, so far as I can recall.  Does anyone know different for sure?

Best wishes,
Jim Shields
in central Indiana (USA)

At 06:36 PM 10/26/2007 -0700, you wrote:
>Hello, Experts,
>   I have been growing Amaryllis with no trouble, I bring them indoors at 
> the end of the Summer, they bloom, I let them grow until they go dormant, 
> I don't repot them until absolutely necessary and if I don't forget 
> they're in storage in the pot I am very pleased with results.
>    .........
>   His Amaryllis NEVER bloom again.  But they DO happen to shrink.  They 
> get smaller every year because of this shrinking.
>   At what point does an Amaryllis build its Bulb Flower?  Is he 
> interrupting that stage over and over?  rsvp

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