Amaryllis Trouble

C.J. Teevan
Fri, 26 Oct 2007 18:36:55 PDT
Hello, Experts, 
  I have been growing Amaryllis with no trouble, I bring them indoors at the end of the Summer, they bloom, I let them grow until they go dormant, I don't repot them until absolutely necessary and if I don't forget they're in storage in the pot I am very pleased with results.
  But I have a friend who does things differently.  I am going to describe my own 'system' but I would like to understand what goes wrong when someone grows bulbs his way.
  He buys a potted bulb, probably in spike, and it blooms.  He puts it in a window, and when the weather gets warm, and it is still in full growth, he plants it outside in the Sun.  It grows all summer in his yard.  In mid-Fall, he collects all his pots and bring them all in to protect them from the frost.  But he stops watering them.  And they go dormant.  (I wait for them to go dormant on their own schedule.)  He waters them when he sees new shoots (same as me) (he thinks this is around late January).
  His Amaryllis NEVER bloom again.  But they DO happen to shrink.  They get smaller every year because of this shrinking.
  At what point does an Amaryllis build its Bulb Flower?  Is he interrupting that stage over and over?  rsvp 

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