Trip to Australia

Don Journet
Fri, 26 Oct 2007 15:59:27 PDT
Hello Mary Sue,
                         We are so relieved to read that you are not 
affected by the dreadful fires raging in parts of California. They sound 
really terrible. As a fire fighter myself I can relate quite vividly to 
the events occurring south of you.
      Just a couple of what I guess are "off topic" notes. The Romulea 
that you mention although a dreadful weed are not all bad. The local 
Galah (pink and gray cockatoo type bird) as well as some other species 
avidly dig up and eat the bulbs. Some how they have learned that these 
bulbs are good tucker.
     On the subject of wild fires. Last year we had one fire that 
covered 2.5 million acres or 1.2 million hectares and if I remember 
rightly no one died in the fires, there was one vehicle accident 
fatality. Our biggest asset is  the residents who stay to fight the 
fires. It is interesting the different philosophies that are applied in 
different places but here in Victoria we have a slogan 'People save 
houses, houses save people' and residents are encouraged to stay and 
fight the fires. Having said that they are asked to consider well ahead 
of any event to consider whether they will stay or leave and at an 
appropriate time residents are advised when they have to decide to leave 
or stay. Evacuation centres are set up in every town to accommodate 
those who prefer to take refuge in a relatively safe haven. The 
government also conducts instruction sessions for all rural residents on 
how to best protect their houses and property. These instruction 
sessions are carried out by the fire brigades on site.
     Whichever way you decide to go I certainly wish everyone in the 
affected area well and hope they come through safely.

Don Journet
Victoria, Australia

Mary Sue Ittner wrote:
> Dear all,
> My husband and I returned from four weeks in Australia last week, but still 
> haven't caught up with everything yet. .....................................

> ........................................
........................................... I'm not sure when I'll get 
around to it,
> but check the recent changes pages every now and then as I'll try to work 
> on it as I can find the time.
> Mary Sue
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