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Fri, 05 Oct 2007 12:27:04 PDT
Good evening Neil, 

I am not sure if I have the hang of the system and apologies for using the wrong route for responses.

Essentially in terms of latitude we are almost bang on the same as Goteborg which must be near you and the Volvo factory somewhere in Skane. There are probably several reason for our not getting Lily beetle ?so far? . One is because our winter temps can go as low as -25C, but usually range between -10C to - 12, -15 and - 19C however the lowest the last winter was only - 11C. That said, on 19th June i.e. midsummer we had - 4C and three other nights of 0 to - 1 in June. The first idiot that coems here and starts babbling about global warming might get spanked.

Another reason is the phytosanitary situation here is 100% clean, (sofar) As a general rule all plants, circa 2000 + taxa are grown from seed. Where bringing in plants e.g. bulbs is unavoidable they go into quarantine and are as effectively "deloused" as I can on the precautionary principle. I can be very nasty to wee beesties who try to hitch a ride. There is another reason too, we have nobody for 70 kilometres or c.40 miles who grow lilies. A very real concern are the delivery vehicles which trade here by the main routes originating from Holland via England, as well as English nurseries, heaven knows what little bundles of joy they bring. A new threat for all of Europe seems to be that several Dutch growers are shipping lily bulbs to China, they grow the plants and ship the flowers and possibly also the potted bulbs back into Europe. Now that is what causes global warming, the air miles issue is simply not factored into equations, nor the risk of virus and insect pests. Europe is wide open exposed to contamination by diseases with analogues simelar to the west coast USA crises with Sudden Oak Death. I am a retired professioanl Foresrty Consultant but still go to the Research Lab's annual revue down at Edinburgh.

I hope the above answers some of your questions, keep stamping on the Lily beetles. I am building a map of world wide lily beetle infected distribution and would be glad for as much information from users of this site and else where to, as they feel able to spare the time.

Toodle pip the noo! 


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