Scilla/Oncostema peruviana

Fri, 19 Oct 2007 10:18:00 PDT
I have grown 10 bulbs of the species for two years,
this winter should be the third year.

They seem to like the mild sun just as other winter
rain growing species do. They will lie down at noon in
my house in our winter. While the spring, they remain
lie down all day. Maybe the sun are too strong for

I didn't get all of them to flower even the first
year, and they are shrink year by year.
But in the area which is hotter and southerner to my
house, (The tropical Kaoshiung city), there is someone
grow the bulbs bigger than when we got them. But still
have no flower after the first year. The one grow them
majorly in a bright shade area.…
A web page for reference.

Fierycloud, Taiwan. (USDA Z11+, AHS Z12+)

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