Scilla/Oncostema peruviana

Ellen Hornig
Fri, 19 Oct 2007 10:10:09 PDT
Jim McKenney wrote about Scilla peruviana:

> Last night I was reading the account of this plant in the old Bailey
> Cyclopedia of 1902. In the account there something is mentioned which I've
> never heard before. The claim is made there that this plant never flowers
> two years in succession.

I keep Scilla peruviana in pots, where it's great fun and utterly 
undemanding (passes the winter apparently happily in a greenhouse at 32-35F, 
in leaf), and it certainly does rebloom from year to year.  It's possible 
that it would get run down if you didn't repot it fairly often; it produces 
prodigious quantities of offsets, and [pots tend to get incredibly full 
incredibly fast.

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