Fri, 19 Oct 2007 09:59:23 PDT
In my area, I'm always wonder that though the data
show the Eucomis and some summer growing in the
temperature zone are most not mentioned that the
chilling period are needed before planting.……

Maybe that means they also still should have a cool
period for the rooting? (Relative to the hot climate
in Taiwan)…
But there is one thing should be my problem that the
suggested green house temperature is 16-20 degree C.
It is just around our temperature in winter.

I have grown several E.cosmosa and E.bicolor white
But only the latter did flower once and then gone.
The E.cosmosa could survive without flower, but shrink
year by year in my house.
I may try to chill them in the refrigerator to
simulate the environment as you left them in the
ground or basement this winter.

Fierycloud, Taiwan (USDA Z11, AHS Z12+)

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