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Jim McKenney jimmckenney@jimmckenney.com
Fri, 26 Oct 2007 06:56:34 PDT
Thanks for that posting, Arnold. I’ve been on the verge of writing to you
privately to see how you colchicums are doing. The story down here is about
the same: the bivonae cultivars and hybrids with obvious bivonae influence
bloomed early, so did Nancy Lindsay/pannonicum/whatever and “byzantinum
album”/Innocence and byzantinum itself. A few others bloomed, but most of
those with speciosum in their background have not appeared above ground yet.

I dug a corm of Colchicum speciosum ‘Album’ to see what was going on; it’s
fine. By now it has a five inch tube, but there has been no sign of flowers

We switched suddenly from 80º F days to 60 º F days (but the nights have
been only a bit cooler than that) and we’re finally getting day after day of

Biarum tenuifolium is about to bloom, several crocuses (C. speciosus, C.
goulimyi in several forms, C. tournefortii; C. asumaniae and C. byzantinus
have buds up) are blooming - or would be if the rain let up. Oddly, there
has been no sign of Crocus kotschyanus yet. 

Most but not all of the Sternbergia have by now bloomed. 

I soaked the South Africans (Nerine, Amaryllis, Oxalis) and they are
responding quickly with vegetative growth. 

Various Arum are tentatively putting up foliage. 

Arilate irises, still under cover and as dry as I can keep them, are putting
up foliage. 

It’s not a typical autumn here at all.

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