Lycoris radiata??

Robt R Pries
Wed, 05 Sep 2007 11:42:38 PDT
  All this talk of Lycoris and mine have gotten their
third flush of bloom. This time some radiata hybrids
are blooming. The drought seems to have decreased
bloom dramatically but still a sample of everything
seems to have bloomed this season. I love these plants
but I have trouble remembering the subtle differences
in color especially when they don’t bloom at the same
time. Last month I had a radiate with coral red
flowers bloom. It looked a different color to me than
the normal radiata and was certainly very early. Now a
two more radiatas have come into bloom one is a pink
color and the other an orange-red different then a
pure red. I do not have a good camera to use to take
their pictures but I am not sure I can attach picture
to this discussion group. The picture I have is not
good enough to be immortalized on the wikki but just
shows the color variation. I am curious if others have
seen this type of variation within Lycoris radiata.

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