Pink Rhodophiala bifida bloom time

Tony Avent
Wed, 05 Sep 2007 12:30:47 PDT

We got our original Rhodophiala bifida carmine pink from seed sent in by 
Alberto Castillo several years ago.  Our original plants set seed and we 
now have about 750 flowering size 3-year old plants in ground beds.  
Most are exactly like the typical red R. bifida except for some oddballs 
with narrow petals, and some shorter than normal.  For us typical R. 
bifida flowers in early-mid September.  The first of these carmine pink 
seedlings flowered in late July-early August...probably about 10 
plants.  A few flowered in mid-August...probably another 10 plants, and 
the majority are just beginning to flower now.  We get a small 
percentage of a stunning ruby-red flowered forms from these seed also.  
There is obviously a great deal of variability in color, form, and bloom 
time.  Once again, a thanks to Alberto for sharing these new genetics.

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Diana Chapman wrote:
> Hi Lee:
> Yes mine do the same thing, although I have two different clones of the pink 
> R. bifida, and one has already bloomed, while the other is just sending up 
> buds.  Honestly, I can't see why the pink one is called R. bifida, since it 
> seems quite a bit different from the red one in form, being much smaller and 
> daintier, tepals more pointed, striated, etc., but I call it R. bifida Pink 
> Form because everyone else does.  The other clone I have was collected from 
> the Buenos Aires region and is also a slightly darker pink - this is the one 
> that blooms earlier.
> Diana
> Telos Rare Bulbs
>> Along with some oporanthous bulbs such as a Lycoris x albiflora that is
>> slightly tinged with a hint of pink, and several Amaryllis (or possibly
>> Amarygias) of various colors, I had all of my pink Rhodophiala bifidas
>> bloom the past couple of weeks and none of the red ones have bloomed
>> (yet), including those in a large pot of mixed colors (reds and pinks)
>> from seeds I think Alberto Castillo sent out to a BX a number of years
>> ago. Does anyone know why that might be?
>> (Especially since almost all of the pink ones have now wilted, possibly
>> because of this ridiculous heat wave we've had that ended this morning.
>> Yet there isn't even a sign of scape tips emerging from the red
>> flowered ones. Thus, the red blooming will be separated from the pink
>> blooming by a month or even more.)
>> --Lee Poulsen
>> Pasadena, California, USDA Zone 10a
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