International delays

Jan Agoston
Tue, 11 Sep 2007 11:16:54 PDT
Is it possible to keep the bulbs in a cooled cell? Or how do the
customs/*phyto store them, cause here we have had some problems this spring
with tropical rhizomatous plants, some of them died, and they were very

You may reply privately if it is not soo public...

Thank you for your attention!

2007/9/10, David Ryle <>:
> Hello,
> With regards to delays don't feel singled out. I've been employed in the
> Dutch bulb export business for a number of years, and even with standard
> shipping procedures, being inspected prior to ship by both Dutch and U.S.
> officials, since 9/11 security at all international docks has been
> dramatically increased.
> The concerns regarding the possibility of biological weapons etc;
> everything is backlogged. Daffodils this year are being held up in Virginia,
> courtesy of Homeland security and their concerns.
> David
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