International delays

James Waddick
Tue, 11 Sep 2007 13:05:33 PDT
>Is it possible to keep the bulbs in a cooled cell?

>  > The concerns regarding the possibility of biological weapons etc;
>>  everything is backlogged. Daffodils this year are being held up in Virginia,
>  > courtesy of Homeland security and their concerns.

Dear all,
	Unfortunately it is impossible to know how any plants are 
handled from shipper to your door. Most of the delays on import into 
the US are due to demands of Homeland Security, Border Patrol, USDA 
or Customs or all of them!. This usually means the plants stay at the 
shippers warehouse until the papers are cleared and the plants 
released for their next step. Some shippers recognize that plants are 
in transit and keep them cool or at least shaded, others may just 
pile boxes on the shipping dock in hot dry conditions. It is strictly 
up to the shipper of middle man.

	Once plants get to a government office they are usually 
processed quickly and moved to the next handler.

	I just got a large box from Asia with big gaping holes and 
barely held together. No one along the way seemed to have a working 
roll of duct tape!

	Only 13 items fell out.  Oh well.

		Best		Jim W.
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