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Thu, 03 Apr 2008 02:16:49 PDT
Hi all,

Writing from Norway... Yes I think I can help...

Let me come back to France and contact a botanist friend who just moved to New Caledonia and see zhat he can do to get some fresh material

Take care all,


Could Luc Bulot help?

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re you in contact with the I.D.S.? they might be of some help?Or someone from a 
esearch station there?I know that the french liase heavily with New 
aledonia.Could Luc Bulot help?

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 Apeaking of Araucarias I am still trying to get hold of a fresh leaf of
 those Araucaria grwowing on the Caladonian islands 
 Institute of Molecular Plant Sciences
 Clusius laboratory
 PBox 9505
 2300RA Leiden 
 The Netherlands
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