Bunya pines

Bill Richardson ixia@dcsi.net.au
Thu, 03 Apr 2008 02:31:37 PDT
Hi Shelley,
the Bunya pines grow well here in Victoria. We have just collected six 
lovely big cones and will collect the seed from them.
The black cockatoos sit high up in the trees and rip apart the cones to get 
the seed, They have massively powerful beaks.
Bill Richardson in Drouin
Victoria, Australia
Autumn  5c to 25c at present

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> As I live close to the natural habitat of the Bunya pine I can vouch for 
> it being a truly majestic tree and an important plant to the Aboriginal 
> people both as a food plant and culturally. It seems pretty special that 
> it is being grown in such different environments. If these trees do fruit 
> don't park your car under them when the cones are ready to fall.
> Shelley
> South East Queensland

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