Iain Brodie of Falsyde
Sun, 13 Apr 2008 14:36:48 PDT
Thank you so much to so many of you. One wee inquiry and bang ! shed loads of useful information.

I had not for example appreciated the connection botanically between the three genera and I seem to have been incredibly 
fortunate by default as amongst all the seed so kindly sent to me there were included species of Dichelostema & Tritelea 
all now trying to outdo each other jumping out of the pots at the same timescale too, which itself is interesting. Perhaps I
sowed the seed too thickly.

This seed 'breakout' from the same gentleman includes a staggering eight species of Pacific coast Erythronium, plus
Triteleia bridgesii & Trileleia laxa, plus Dichelostema ida-maia & Dichelostema pluriforma ssp.? var. congestum. 

One final request for info, how long is it advisable before pricking out the seedlings into individual 'pots'. The standard size 
used here is what we call a 9 cm pot, i.e. square and 9 cms = very roughly 4 inches, tall, wide and deep.My inclination would 
be to prick them out say in August to allow time for a root system to develop ahead of winter to avoid frost heave, or is that
too late  /  too soon?

Lewisia nevadensis var. rosea was one other amongst the species seed donated and I am going to make a wild reckless
abandoned stab at guessing the colour of those plants. I know the name Lewesia as these plants do have a "following" here 
in Europe but I believe they can be a bit of a challenge so I will need to make some effort there too.

I hope I got all the above spellings correct but will check them on IPNI when it comes to doing the labels later.

The info about James Brodie of Brodie, a former Clan High Chief, I must confess I did not have the faintest hint about in
this connection although very familiar with who he was, but not as a botanist of any sort and must assume either 
a friend of some other tribe / name, or one of ours named it in his / our honour, therefore if the latter it would be on the basis 
of our honour as a clan. Interesting stuff indeed, either way all the more reason not to fail to grow them, the flower colours
I would ask not to be told about, preferring to get a surprise in due course, however any clues as to time from germination 
'till first flowering year would be appreciated please.

I am hoping to send out the Allium wallichianum seeds requested privately from an earlier posting, this week probably,
but weather issues here demanded other priorities first; however NO SNOW today, who says miracles don't happen.

Best wishes,  Iain

Iain Brodie of Falsyde
Auchgourish Botanic Garden

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