Jane McGary
Sun, 13 Apr 2008 19:47:01 PDT
Iain asked,
One final request for info, how long is it advisable before pricking out 
the seedlings into individual 'pots'. The standard size
>used here is what we call a 9 cm pot, i.e. square and 9 cms = very roughly 
>4 inches, tall, wide and deep.My inclination would
>be to prick them out say in August to allow time for a root system to 
>develop ahead of winter to avoid frost heave, or is that
>too late  /  too soon?

For most western American bulbs, it is best to leave them in the seed pots 
for two years and then to move the young bulbs into larger pots while they 
are dormant in July or August. Fertilize the seedlings at half strength and 
do not dry young seedlings out severely while they are dormant. Do not let 
the pots freeze.
Jane McGary

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