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Gregg DeChirico
Wed, 30 Apr 2008 16:11:34 PDT
  Amaryllis belladonna has naturalized in San Francisco and up and down the central California coast.  A few years back I "collected" several bulbs from a nearby hillside from among the many clumps growing there.  These were planted among a variety of other plants in a raised bed in my yard with the idea they would collectively produce year-round bloom. Year after year the Amaryllis produced lush leaves, but no flowers.  After a hard freeze in January of 2007 the raised bed was abandoned with a future plan for revamping.  Not a drop of water fell near it. Following our long dry summer, suddenly there were two spikes and five, large pink flowers floating on 2 ft stems above the otherwise barren bed.   So this long postulation to your enigmatic Amaryllis situation may be to withold and or protect it from excessive summer rains... but then doing so may possibly kill everything growing around it....
"Leo A. Martin" <> wrote:
  Several dozen Amaryllis beladonna make lovely foliage every year. I saw
one inflorescence once and I don't know what I did differently that year.
I got seed which is growing slowly.

Gregg DeChirico
Santa Barbara, California
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