carefree garden bulbs

Susan Hayek
Wed, 30 Apr 2008 16:23:14 PDT
*I agree with Gregg. I am in NorCal on the coast, a couple of hours 
south of the Oregon border.
Lots of A.belladonna here, too.
No summer water.
Mine bloom every year. They are planted with heaths and heathers, and 
old fashioned good smelling purple bearded iris.


At 4:11 PM -0700 4/30/08, Gregg DeChirico wrote:
>   Amaryllis belladonna has naturalized in San Francisco and up and 
>down the central California coast


>, large pink flowers floating on 2 ft stems above the otherwise 
>barren bed.   So this long postulation to your enigmatic Amaryllis 
>situation may be to withold and or protect it from excessive summer 
>rains... but then doing so may possibly kill everything growing 
>around it....

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