Tritoniopsis (and Watsonia)

Crawford Neil
Fri, 11 Apr 2008 01:08:17 PDT
Thank you very much Mary Sue, but I'm afraid it just raised
our level of confusion! Cameron' s Tritoniopsis ramosa isn't
particuarly like ours. On the other hand ours…
is very like the one in Audrey Moriartys Outeniqua,tsitsikamma&eastern 
little karoo field guide#2. 
She's called that one Tritoniopsis ramosa var. unguiculata, 
does that mean that her painting shows a T.ramosa variant that 
looks somewhat like T.unguiculata. Or has there been a change of name 
since her book was published?   

And heres more confusion, this orange one, seems to us very 
like the pink Watsonia we asked about before, so for want of a better
we're calling this one Watsonia galpinii too!……

Any ideas?
Best regards Neil

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> Neil Crawford's question about the identity of one of his 
> wife's photos 
> from their South African trip stimulated me to add a number 
> of Cameron 
> McMaster's Tritoniopsis pictures to the wiki. I'd 
> procrastinated since I 
> don't know anyone who grows this genus and because I read 
> somewhere that 
> they don't bloom very often except after fire. But what 
> struck me as I 
> added the pictures was the different times of the year 
> Cameron saw them and 
> the number of different species in the general area where he 
> lives. And a 
> lot of them are summer bloomers even though from a mostly 
> winter rainfall 
> area. Does anyone grow any of these? I don't know if any of 
> these pictures 
> will help you with your ID. Neil.
> Mary Sue

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