Epiphytic compost

Uli Urban johannes-ulrich-urban@T-Online.de
Fri, 11 Apr 2008 05:13:00 PDT
Dear All,

My compost for epipytic cacti and epiphytic Hippeastrum is made of
roughly equal parts of the given composted wood, perlite and/or seramis
and commercial peat based potting compost of good quality. It has to
"feel and look good" when I mix it. It is not a standardized mix because
the composted wood differs according to the grade of branches shredded
and the variety of wood but it is very good. I should add that I grow my
epiphytic Hippeastrums in clay pots whereas I grow all other bulbs in
plastic containers. With plastic in Hippeastrums I find often too much
moisture that cannot escape through the walls of plasctic pots but will
do so with clay.


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