Boophane disticha

Leo A. Martin
Tue, 29 Apr 2008 17:50:36 PDT
Diana Chapman first wrote
Returning from a trip I found my two ten year old Boophane
disticha bulbs sending up flower buds. The bulbs are about
grapefruit size, and I grow them each individually in very
large pots to accommodate their huge roots.

And then Leo Martin asked
> Congratulations! How large is a very large pot?

To which Diana Chapman replied
>> The pots are 16" in diameter, and 13" deep, one bulb to a pot.

Thank you! I have some B. disticha and B. haemanthoides seedlings. I
suspect they don't like being transplanted that often, so before next
growing season I'll put them into bigger pots. Anybody on the list have
comments on how much to pot up Boophone? Cactus don't like going into pots
much bigger than about 10cm / 5 inches larger in diameter. How about

Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA

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