Wiki Additions - Moraea

Mary Sue Ittner
Sat, 30 Aug 2008 08:50:00 PDT

I've added some more Moraea pictures from Cameron McMaster and Rod Saunders 
to the wiki. Most of them are summer rainfall species, photographed by 
Cameron in habitat on some of his trips, some found in the Drakensberg.

I added additional photos of Moraea albicuspa and Moraea alticoloa and a 
new species to the wiki, Moraea alpina.…

I added additional photos of Moraea brevistyla…

This next one, Moraea insolens,  is a very rare species found near Caledon. 
This is the only one from the winter rainfall area, often not seen unless 
there has been a fire. This is from a scanned slide of Rod's so don't know 
when it was last seen and don't know if anyone grows it. It's really 
beautiful. I think Cameron has just written an article about it in the 
weekly newspaper column he writes for farmers so if he reads this he might 
want to tell us more.…

New species to the wiki Moraea modesta, a short species with small flowers 
that blooms before the leaves…

Additional pictures of Moraea trifida…

New species Moraea vigilans was added. When I was trying to find out more 
about it since it was newly named in 2000 and isn't in my Moraea book, I 
found a nice description in one of my IBSA bulletins that also had a 
description of Moraea vespertina named at the same time. We had pictures of 
M. vespertina on the wiki, but didn't know much about it except it opened 
very late in the day and closed several hours later (not doubt the reason 
it was named as it was and was not discovered by early plant explorers). So 
I added text for it as well.…

Nhu recently broke up the Hippeastrum page since it was getting very long 
and added a table. He chose a few pictures of some of the species to add to 
the table page to make it more attractive and I really liked the way that 
looked. I decided to do that for Moraea when I was adding the new species 
to the table. It was very challenging to pick since there are so many 
species and great pictures to choose from. I decided to do six pictures of 
some of the subgroups (Galaxia, Gynandriris, Hexaglottis, Homeria) and six 
pictures from the Moraea subgroup. If you want to check out my choices:…

Mary Sue

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