Fritillaria imperialis again

Jim McKenney
Thu, 28 Aug 2008 06:39:33 PDT
Lauw de Jager wrote that all of the large Fritillaria (imperialis, persica,
raddeana) in the (dry) ground do not show any root development. "The cause
of the roots on your F imperialis surely is a humid environment."   

Thanks, Lauw.

It's hard to avoid humidity here! 

Your response has answered another un-asked question for me, too: if you are
growing Fritillaria imperialis in the zone Olivier of France, then I think I
can rule out summer heat as a limiting factor. 

Of course I know that this plant grows in the wild in some very hot
countries; but it is often described as a mountain plant. And presumably the
mountains are cooler than the low lands: but maybe not!

I hear reports of success with this plant north and west of me, but never
east or due south of me. The fact that many reports of success originated to
the north suggested that heat might be a limiting factor. But evidently it
is not. 

I think I am making progress in figuring out what this plant needs under our


Jim McKenney

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