Fritillaria imperialis again

Lauw de Jager
Thu, 28 Aug 2008 07:27:50 PDT
I cannot say that F. imperialis is thriving here, merely surviving. F
radeana seems a little more at ease with a mediterranean climate.  The heat
and the drought is ok for them in the summer, but they certainly need more
cold in the winter then they get here.

-- Lauw de Jager
South of France (zone 9, olive trees)

Le 28/08/08 15:39, « Jim McKenney » <> a écrit :
> Your response has answered another un-asked question for me, too: if you are
> growing Fritillaria imperialis in the zone Olivier of France, then I think I
> can rule out summer heat as a limiting factor.
> Of course I know that this plant grows in the wild in some very hot
> countries; but it is often described as a mountain plant. And presumably the
> mountains are cooler than the low lands: but maybe not!
> I hear reports of success with this plant north and west of me, but never
> east or due south of me. The fact that many reports of success originated to
> the north suggested that heat might be a limiting factor. But evidently it
> is not. 
> I think I am making progress in figuring out what this plant needs under our
> conditions. 
> Thanks,
> Jim McKenney
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