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Dell Sherk
Sun, 03 Aug 2008 12:22:50 PDT
Dear All,

       The items listed below have been donated by our members to be shared.

  If you are interested in obtaining some of them, please email me PRIVATELY
at <>. Include "BX 145" in the subject line. 

        Specify the NUMBERS of the items which you would like; do not
specify quantities. It is a good idea to include your snail mail address,
too, in case I don't already have it. Availability is based on a first come,
first served system. When you receive your seeds/bulbs you will find,
included with them, a statement of how much money (usually $2.00/item)
(cash, check, or Pay Pal to <>; no money orders, please) you
should send the PBS treasurer to defray our costs for packing and
first-class, priority-mail, or international postage.


    Some of you are members of the online PBS discussion forum but are not
members of the Pacific Bulb Society. THIS BX OFFERING IS AVAILABLE ONLY TO
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         If you would like to donate seeds or bulbs/corms to the PBS,(Donors
will receive credit on the BX for the cost of postage for their donations.),
please send CLEAN, clearly labeled material to:

Dell Sherk
6832 Phillips Mill Rd.
New Hope, PA, 18938 


From Roy Herold:

Bulbs, bulblets, bulbils:

1. Narcissus zaianicus lutescens x cantabricus (SF379) Ex RF Beeston via AGS
seedex. Nice light yellow. Only a few.

2. Narcissus romieuxii 'Treble Chance' (JCA805)  From a friend in Belgium.
Not from seed, so should be the real thing. One of the first to bloom here
in November. Only a few.

3. Narcissus 'Pick of the Litter'
I made a *lot* of controlled crosses in the winter of 2004, and the bees
helped a bit with the late ones after the pots went outside. There were seed
pods on everything, but due to lack of time they got harvested randomly and
dumped into one bucket. Seeds were planted in the fall of 2004, and the
resulting offspring started to bloom last winter. There were some real
winners, better than any of the parents, but I had a lot of extras after
repotting this summer. Speaking of parents, they include most of the
good/great types of romieuxii, cantabricus, bulbocodium, zaianicus,
tananicus, monophyllus, filifolius, tenuifolius, petunioides, albidus,
mesatlanticus, Hat, foliosus, citrinus, rifanus, genuinus, nivalis, obesus,
lost labels, and combinations thereof. Enjoy!

4. Iphieon uniflorum 'Album' Named as received from a seed exchange, bloomed
in 9 months, with colors ranging from near white to light blue, all with a
contrasting blue stripe down the center of the petal.

5. Leucojum (Acis) nicaeense Ex Ruksans. Set plenty of seed, but dropped
them before I could harvest. You get bulbs instead.

6. Leucojum (Acis) autumnale Ex WeDu, I think. Almost hardy here.

7. Lachenalia bulbifera  Ex Richard Doutt. Big and gaudy.

8. Oxalis polyphylla v. heptaphylla  Ex Matt Mattus.

From Jim Shields:

9. Seeds from my own Haemanthus montanus, since several pots bloomed
together on my deck in June.  Not hand pollinated, but no other Haemanthus
species were in bloom at the same time.  The parent bulbs came from Dawie
Human in Bloemfontein, South Africa.

10. Seeds (germinating) of Haemanthus amarylloides polyanthus

11. Four-yr old seedling bulbs of Cybistetes longifolia.  The seeds came
from Silverhill Seeds in 2004.

From Alberto Castillo:


12. Cypella herbertii, superb form

13. Freesia laxa red and white, a mixture of a robust form and the usual one

14. Moraea polyanthos

From Mary Sue Ittner:


15. Freesia fucata early blooming for me, (November, December) - fragrant,

16. Oxalis assinia from Bill Baird, still hasn't bloomed for me

17. Oxalis bowiei This made the favorite pink category of a couple of us.
This is a fall blooming, tall, big gorgeous plant.

18. Oxalis caprina fall blooming, purple flowers, bloomed for me last August
until November

19. Oxalis commutata -South Africa, winter growing, fall blooming, tiny
succulent leaves and lavender-pink flowers with a strong scent like talcum

20. Oxalis engleriana -South African, fall blooming, linear leaves

21. Oxalis flava yellow, winter growing, fall blooming

22. Oxalis flava? (Uli 69) -- bluish gray palmate leaves, grew in seasonally
moist soil in heavy clay on the Nieuwoudville plateau.

23. Oxalis flava (lupinifolia) -- lupine like leaves and pink flowers, fall

24. Oxalis flava (pink)  -- leaves low to ground, attractive, last year some
of the flowers were also yellow (along with the pink), not sure what
happened as they have been pink before

25. Oxalis hirta (mauve) received from Ron Vanderhoff, definitely a
different color from the pink ones I grow, really pretty, fall blooming

26. Oxalis hirta (pink) From South Africa, blooms late fall, early winter,
bright pink flowers. Increases rapidly. does better for me in deep pot

27. Oxalis hirta (yellow) (acquired from Telos as O. namaquana which it is

28. Oxalis imbricata -recycled from the BX. Finally bloomed for me last year
with pink flowers even though Cape Plants says the flowers are white. The
one shown on the web that everyone grows has hairy leaves, pink flowers

29. Oxalis livida - fall blooming (if it blooms), narrow divided leaves

30. Oxalis luteola MV 5567   60km s of Clanwilliam.  1.25" lt yellow flrs,
darker ctr. This one has been very reliable for me in Northern California

31. Oxalis MV4674 not sure what species this one is. Collected by Michael
Vassar as 16km north into Sweekspoort, South Africa, was described by him as
a tiny tufted plant with tiny leaves. It has pink flowers and blooms in the

32. Oxalis melanosticta 'Ken Aslet' -- finally bloomed for me last year for
the first time, but mainly grown for its hairy soft leaves

33. Oxalis namaquana, Uli 54 we decided these were probably O. namaquana. I
loved the bright yellow blooms in winter. Understood why I saw them bloom in
mass in a wet year in Namaqualand as they offset a lot into tiny bulbs

34. Oxalis obtusa (coral)

35. Oxalis obtusa (peach)

36. Oxalis obtusa  (pink)

37. Oxalis obtusa (pink) -- grey green leaves, this one expands rapidly, but
also blooms a long time

38. Oxalis obtusa MV 4719d --   S of Laingsburg.  1? pale coppery pink,
creamy center, dark veins, dark ctr ring.

39. Oxalis obtusa MV5005A 10km n of Matjiesfontein.  Red-orange.

40. Oxalis obtusa MV 5051  Vanrhynshoek.  2" lt copper-orange, darker
veining, yellow ctr.

41. Oxalis obtusa MV 5516 7.5km s of Nieuwodtville. 1.25" lt yellow  flrs
above lvs.

42. Oxalis obtusa MV 6235 W. of Sutherland.  1.5" copper flrs, greenish ctr.
Tiny lvs.

43. Oxalis obtusa MV 6341 Nieuwoudtville.  1.5" bright yellow. Tight,
compact  plants.

44. Oxalis obtusa MV 7085 Deep coppery-pink, yellow throat

45. Oxalis palmifrons -grown for the leaves, mine have never flowered, but
the leaves I like, supposedly has a better chance of blooming if planted

46. Oxalis polyphylla var heptaphylla MV6396 Vanrhynsdorp. Succulent
thread-like leaves. Winter growing, blooms fall

47. Oxalis purpurea (white) winter growing, long blooming, but beware of
planting in the ground in a Mediterranean climate unless you don't care if
it takes over as it expands dramatically, a lot.

48. Oxalis purpurea 'Skar' originally from Bill Baird, finally bloomed for
me last year for a long time, pink flowers

49. Oxalis versicolor --lovely white with candy stripe on back, winter

50. Oxalis zeekoevleyensis blooms early fall,  lavender flowers, plant now
as is already forming roots

From Cynthia Mueller:


51. Dyckia crosses between reddish & silver. "Coke-bottle" green, prickly,
small pineapple, like primitive bromeliads that can stay outside in the
teens(F)for short periods. Flower spikes with orange or yellow flowers.

52. Crinum 'White Queen' open-pollinated. From tissue-cultured plant.

53. Crinum scabrum

54. Cooperia drumondii ?. "Giant Prairie Lily"

55. Habranthus tubispathus texanus

56. Zephyranthes katherinae, usually red, but sometimes yellow.

Thank you, Roy, Jim, Alberto, Mary Sue, and Cynthia !! 

Best wishes,

Dell Sherk, Director, PBS BX

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