Schizobasis intricata

Tue, 19 Aug 2008 17:34:25 PDT
Schizobasis is generally considered to comprise only one species, S.
intricata, but a modest sampling from different localities shows there are
probably at least two taxa (species or subspecies) involved. The form most
often seen has greenish flowers with an ovoid perianth that seems to open
only very slightly (nocturnal?); these flowers may be autogamous or
self-pollinating, so to speak. Growth habit may be lax and sprawling and
highly branched or small (only 3-4" tall 10 years from seed) and compact and
upright. I have one clustering form from Tanzania that is well-branched and
The most attractive Schizobasis I have seen is also interesting in that the
flowers are very different from those described above. They are white,
pendent, decidedly delicate-looking and with perianth segments spreading. It
seems never to set seed (of course) and the foliage is a compact mass of
extremely fine, angular branches of the inflorescence. The bulbs can be
large, lemon-sized, whereas the bulbs of the first form only grow to about
walnut size.

Culture of these strange bulbs is straightforward: keep on the dry side in
winter and frost free. They can be more or less evergreen and prefer some
shade. They don't need much root room or organic matter and are good
candidates for 'succulent culture'.

Dylan Hannon
Dylan Hannon Rare Bulbs

On Tue, Aug 19, 2008 at 4:43 PM, James Waddick <> wrote:

> Dear Friends,
>        I confess a mini-obsession - let's call it 'fascination' with
> succulent plants.  I was at the local Cactus and Succulent show to
> enjoy the variety* when I saw a new plant (many actually). This plant
> is Schizobasis intricata a  bulbous Liliaceae superficially similar
> to the common Boweia volubilis, but 'more so'.
>        Does any know or grow this plant? Is it difficult to
> cultivate? The annual herbaceous growth is even more finely divided
> than in Boweia and it seems to bloom easily with tiny white flowers.
>        Appreciate any thoughts.                Jim W.
> * Confession I bought two small Adenium obesum cvs, but wanted more. Oh
> well .
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