Schizobasis intricata

Roy Herold
Tue, 19 Aug 2008 17:19:16 PDT

What a coincidence, there was a nice Schizobasis intricatus in *our* 
cactus and succulent show this past weekend, and it got a blue ribbon. 
This is an easy bulb to grow, and can be treated similar to boweia. It 
may or may not go dormant in hot weather--the one in our show did not, 
but mine did. The flowers are exceedingly self fertile, and each will 
produce seed without an active pollinator. I would have sent some of 
mine into the BX, but they always drop before I can collect any.

There were a number of other nice bulb/corm/tuber entries in our show 
that did a good job of balancing out the succulents and cacti. 
Haemanthus, boophane, scilla, bulbine, gethyllis, eucomis (my 
vandermerwei got a ribbon), sinningia, boweia (not volubilis but rarer 
ones like nana), etc. Nice to see these folks are branching out a bit, 
so to speak.


James Waddick wrote:
> Dear Friends,
> 	I confess a mini-obsession - let's call it 'fascination' with 
> succulent plants.  I was at the local Cactus and Succulent show to 
> enjoy the variety* when I saw a new plant (many actually). This plant 
> is Schizobasis intricata a  bulbous Liliaceae superficially similar 
> to the common Boweia volubilis, but 'more so'.
> 	Does any know or grow this plant? Is it difficult to 
> cultivate? The annual herbaceous growth is even more finely divided 
> than in Boweia and it seems to bloom easily with tiny white flowers.
> 	Appreciate any thoughts.		Jim W.
> * Confession I bought two small Adenium obesum cvs, but wanted more. Oh well .

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