Wiki Additions-- Oxalis, Tritonia

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 11 Aug 2008 07:36:45 PDT

I tried to get updated pictures of the South African Oxalis I recently 
donated to the BX on the wiki before I sent them to Dell.

Added Oxalis caprina, picture of bulb of O. compressa, another pic of 
Oxalis engleriana, photos of Oxalis flava (we think from Uli)…

Added another pictures of Oxalis glabra which I plan to send to Dell soon, 
Oxalis gracilis (sometimes grown as O. karooica), a pretty mauve form of 
Oxalis hirta from Ron Vanderhoff, and Oxalis imbricata which I first got 
from the BX and Lyn Makela which finally bloomed last year…

I finally got the Oxalis melanosticta 'Ken Aslet' to bloom last year so 
added a picture of that. It doesn't usually bloom so was probably just a 
freak event, but it does have nice soft hairy velvety leaves.…

Added Oxalis purpurea 'Skar' and another picture of Oxalis zeekoevleyensis, 
the form that many of us grow that blooms in the fall even though my books 
says this is the wrong time of the year…

I've also been working on Tritonia, a South African Irid that I grow 
successfully in the ground and in pots in Northern California. Although one 
of the species I grow is an early bloomer, most of them bloom in the late 
period for winter rainfall Irids from South Africa so sometimes bloom along 
with my native bulbs that bloom at the same time. Many of the Tritonias I 
grow are shades of orange and a lot of the natives I grow that bloom at 
that time are shades of purple which can be a nice combination. Tritonia 
has had some recent changes in the name of a couple of species, Tritonia 
crispa has become Tritonia undulata, and Tritonia lineata has become 
Tritonia gladiolaris. After I added photos from Rod Saunders, Alan 
Horstmann, Cameron McMaster, and me the Tritonia page had become too long, 
so I had to split it up.

Added new yellow species, Tritonia chrysantha, photos of Tritonia crocata 
blooming in the ground with Iris douglasiana, close-up of T. crocata, 
habitat pictures of Tritonia deusta, disticha, drakenbergensis, and another 
picture of T. dubia. Tritonia drakenbergensis is a summer rainfall species 
from a high elevation so may be hardier than most.…

Added habitat pictures of Tritonia flabellifolia and Tritonia gladiolaris, 
and a new yellow species, Tritonia florentiae, an early bloomer (May to 
Sept. in South Africa).…

Added new species Tritonia laxifolia, Tritonia parvula, and Tritonia 
undulata (long tubed with crisped and undulate leaves). Also new photos of 
Tritonia securigera…

Mary Sue

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