Openings for Saturday workshop in Bakersfield, CA

Paul Machado
Wed, 03 Dec 2008 13:00:09 PST
If anyone on the PBS list is interested in tissue culturing and is within travel distance of Bakersfield, CA. you maybe interested in this forwarded message. 
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Paul Machado & Michael Homick

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Subject: Openings for Saturday workshop in Bakersfield

We have 3 openings for the Saturday workshop so if you know of anyone interested in coming to the Bakersfield, California workshop, please have them contact me.  

Eric Mercure of Paramount Farming will be at the workshop to give a short presentation on his tissue culture lab and then will take us on a tour of his lab.  This is the ideal situation for a workshop: to learn about tc, do tc with the limited equipment and then see a real lab in action.  Bring your cameras.


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