Marvin Cox

Jane McGary
Wed, 03 Dec 2008 09:01:55 PST
>I am forwarding this message posted to the Native Plant Society of
>Oregon Discussion List, regarding a prominent bulb enthusiast on the 
>Pacific Coast.
>The long time lily enthusiast, Marvin Cox, of Roseburg, Oregon passed away
>last Friday.
>Marvin grew up near Bandon, Oregon, and was fascinated with the colorful
>lilies that inhabited the coast, one of which was the endangered western
>lily.  Marvin's interest led to his joining the American Lily Society
>and he became its youngest member.  He spent much time growing and
>researching lilies. He grew many varieties and species of unique lilies in
>his garden for much of his life.  Marvin grew many other unusual,
>exotic, and native plants in his garden and it was a delight for anyone who
>visited one of his homes.
>Marvin also had a strong interest in Calochortus species.  While out in the
>field one day in Douglas County he spotted an unusual flower.  This turned
>out to be a new species of Calochortus and was given the name C. coxii after
>As of late Marvin had been struggling with Parkinson's disease.  His wife
>Julie took wonderful care of him.
>Marvin has been a long time member of the Native Plant Society of Oregon and
>will be sorely missed.
>Sam Friedman

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