latin v common
Sat, 13 Dec 2008 12:03:36 PST
Bon journo and well said Carlo, when it comes to being common I am as common as the rest and even more than most, so my English wide assures me, they are an uppity race all said and done, indeed England remains as one of Scotland's few remaining colonies, can we get rid of them, dear me no but we are working on it if for no other reason than England is plagued with Lily Beetle and we dread its arrival here in Scotland, its only a matter of time with two records so far, one in Edinburgh the other in Glasgow.

That I should have missed the tongue in cheek of yours I must submit a fulsome apology, therein the irony however I am constantly advised that Americans "don't do irony" Obviously at least one does, it doesn't do to generalise. 

Thank you, I feel suitably chastised, as the Bishop said the Actress.

Best wishes et Ciao, Iain

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