Kniphofia outside South Africa

Martin Ravn Tversted
Sun, 07 Dec 2008 11:18:04 PST
Im currently writing an article for the Danish Rock Garden Society about the 
genus Kniphofia. I have good litterature and first hand experience with many 
of the hardy south african species and two species from further north. 
However, I really need some references to the species outside South Africa. 
Especially the species from Yemen and those from Madagascar is not some I 
can find much about. But also the species from the rest of Africa are 
appearently absent from generel cultivation or am I wrong? I need more 
technical descriptions of these species.

So please, if anyone is having pdf-files or suggestions to futher reading 
please let me know. Also, if anyone is having first hand experience with 
those species I mention, feed free to either write me or discuss it here.

Another problem is the many cultivars. I can easily list of good number of 
hybrids that I find usefull in the garden but for the compleateness in it I 
cannot find any lists or reference to the history of them. Who made what 
hybrid? Are there any registre or database about this?

tversted at

Martin Tversted
Northern Nursery

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