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Dennis Kramb
Sun, 07 Dec 2008 12:00:13 PST
Laura & Dave wrote:
> James Waddick wrote:
>> 	By a strange coincidence, I am one of the seed exchange 
>> co-chairs for the Species Iris Group of North America (SIGNA). 
> Also by a strange coincidence, I'm one of the member recipients of seed 
> from SIGNA, with a question!!  Should the seed be planted now, or can it 
> be held until early spring.  I live in the maritime Pacific Northwest 
> (Western Washington, USA to be more exact).  Or is this one of those 
> questions that depends on what I have?  I'm assuming I'm at the bottom 
> of the learning curve concerning Iris germination, as I haven't had as 
> great a success as desired,  especially  with the  bearded  Iris.
Well as webmaster for SIGNA I guess we have all the bases covered!!!  
LOL.  But to answer your question, in my experience iris seeds benefit 
from cool moist stratification during the winter months.  I live in Zone 
6 (very near to Zone 5) and I plant my seeds in December or January so 
they can get exposure to plenty of freeze/thaw cycles and inevitably 
there is a flush of germination in spring.  I realize it may not freeze 
in your garden, but I think the seeds would respond the same way if you 
were to plant them now.

> I'd like to echo that SIGNA is another great group, with a very 
> informative newsletter, that comes pre-punched for a three ring binder  
> (I just wish someone would adjust the hole punch!!... hint hint). 
Oh my!  I never realized other people had that problem.  Hahaha... glad 
to know I'm not crazy!

Dennis in snowy Ohio
(hey that would be a cool name for a town... Snowy, Ohio)

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