Kniphofia outside South Africa

aaron floden
Tue, 09 Dec 2008 07:37:55 PST
 I suggest, http/www.biodiversitylibrar…,, and The first two are huge collections of older works that have been digitized. The latter two are just Google search engines where you can find extensive amounts of free literature. Google books should have many of the old Kew Bulletins available for free. Many Kniphofia were published in those. Curtis's BM is also available. If you have a public library or University Library that has access to JSTOR that subscribes to Kew Bulletin you can get the more "recent" A revision of the tropical species of Kniphofia (Liliaceae). Kew Bull. 28. (3): 465-483 (1973), and also a new species published in 1980 from Malawi. If you have not already checked you should go to and search for Kniphofia. This will give you a list of all species published and those valid in bold. At least this will give a
 starting point of where to focus your search and save some time if revisions have been done.

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Subject: [pbs] Kniphofia outside South Africa
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So please, if anyone is having pdf-files or suggestions to futher reading 
please let me know. Also, if anyone is having first hand experience with 
those species I mention, feed free to either write me or discuss it here.


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