Winterflowering Kniphofias

Lauw de Jager
Wed, 27 Feb 2008 03:21:02 PST
Dear all,
This year  we have a brillant example of a winterflowering Kniphoffia: K
rooperii. We only had severe frost the end of November.  All the flowerbuds
remained intact throughout the winter and  the flworing has lasted since
early January. In the Northeast of Spain I saw a few days ago another
Kniphofia in flower marqued as being K sarmentosa (glauce green naroow
foliage  spike  elongated with red/yellow flowers).  Can anyone confirm that
this species is indeed winterflowering. As far as I can find in the
literature the only winter flowering species are K rooperi and coddiana (it
was certainly not one of these two)
Look forward to yor help


-- Lauw de Jager
South of France (zone 9 (olive trees)

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