Kniphofia sarmentosa
Wed, 27 Feb 2008 04:09:50 PST
Dear Lauw

Kniphofia sarmentosa is found in mountain streams and moist hollows from the western Karoo to the to the Hex River mountains (winter rainfall areas) of   River mountains (winter rainfall areas) of South Africa. . 

I saw it in flower when I was there last September.

It was in full bloom on September the 15th at the bottom end of the Hex river valley.

o I guess that it can be considered as a winter bloomer.

Best regards,


Best regards,


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Dear all,
his year  we have a brillant example of a winterflowering Kniphoffia: K
ooperii. We only had severe frost the end of November.  All the flowerbuds
emained intact throughout the winter and  the flworing has lasted since
arly January. In the Northeast of Spain I saw a few days ago another
niphofia in flower marqued as being K sarmentosa (glauce green naroow
oliage  spike  elongated with red/yellow flowers).  Can anyone confirm that
his species is indeed winterflowering. As far as I can find in the
iterature the only winter flowering species are K rooperi and coddiana (it
as certainly not one of these two)
ook forward to yor help

- Lauw de Jager
outh of France (zone 9 (olive trees)

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