Bulbinella latifolia ssp. doleritica, Lilium bolanderi update

Max Withers maxwithers@gmail.com
Fri, 29 Feb 2008 16:24:50 PST
When I bought this Bulbinella a few years ago, for some reason I doubted 
it would be truly orange, despite Mary Sue's excellent photo on the 
wiki, which I can now confirm perfectly conveys what it looks like. I've 
just added a close up to confirm the vivid coloration, in the unlikely 
event that someone else suffers similar doubts:

The scape is about 3'/1m tall. Started blooming about 2 weeks ago, at 
almost exactly the same time as the common yellow-flowered plant I think 
is B. nutans.


Last winter I asked about germinating Lilium bolanderi, and based on 
suggestions from the list, stratified half my seed  (probably for about 
6-8 weeks, starting in late Jan.) and potted up the other half this fall 
without any pretreatment. Leaves have begun to emerge in the last week 
in both pots, the first sign of life. My interim conclusion is that 
there is no benefit to trying to force this species with a late 
stratification. Possibly starting in December (i.e., after the rains 
have started) would speed it up, but I'd be inclined to put it outside 
at that point. People in less congenial climates may have different 
ideas. In particular, I wonder how important is diurnal temperature 
variation. Further thoughts welcome.

Happy Spring,
Max Withers
Oakland CA

Other blooming bulbs are Crocus gargaricus and Lachenalia aloides. 
Freesia alba and cvv. and Clivia cv. should open in a few days. I have 
massacred a truly appalling number of gastropods the last two nights.

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